Unleash Your Creativity: DIY Cardboard Ornaments That Will Wow Your Guests

Unleash Your Creativity: DIY Cardboard Ornaments That Will Wow Your Guests

Just like Santa's elves, you're about to embark on a festive crafting journey! Don't fret about expensive store-bought decorations; you'll be making your own gorgeous DIY cardboard ornaments.

With a bit of creativity, cardboard can become a festive masterpiece. Let's dive in, gather your crafting tools and prepare to transform humble cardboard into beautiful, holiday cheer.

Who knows? You might just start a new tradition!

Gathering Your Materials for Cardboard Ornaments

First, you'll need to gather a few essential materials to start crafting your DIY cardboard ornaments. Your primary focus? Recycling cardboard. It's not just eco-friendly but also a great way of turning trash into treasure. Check your own recycling bin, or ask friends and neighbors if they've any cardboard boxes they're about to throw away. You're essentially sourcing materials from your surroundings, which is both sustainable and cost-effective.

Next, you'll need scissors, glue, paint, and some embellishments like glitter or sequins. Take a trip to your local craft store, or better yet, check your own stash first. You'd be surprised at what you've already got lying around.

Now you're all set to start crafting your creative and sustainable ornaments.

Choosing the Right Type of Cardboard

While you might think all cardboard is the same, it's crucial to select the right type for your DIY ornaments project. Cardboard thickness is a major factor. Thicker cardboard gives your ornaments durability, but it's harder to cut. Thin cardboard is easier to handle but may lack sturdiness.

Recycling options are also worth considering. Reused cardboard not only saves resources, but it also adds a unique, rustic charm to your ornaments. However, be aware that recycled cardboard can be unpredictable in terms of thickness and quality.

Ideally, you should experiment with different types until you find one that suits your specific needs. Remember, the aim is to have fun while creating something beautiful and sustainable.

Simple Steps to Cut Out Your Ornament Shapes

You'll need a pair of sharp scissors or a precision craft knife to start cutting out your cardboard ornament shapes. Draw your desired shape onto your chosen cardboard, ensuring to consider ornament durability. The thicker your cardboard, the sturdier your ornament will be. Once the template is ready, carefully follow the lines and cut out your shapes. Remember, this isn't a race, take your time to make clean, precise cuts to ensure a polished finish.

These DIY cardboard ornaments aren't just a fun, crafty project but also eco-friendly alternatives to store-bought decorations. You're utilizing materials that might've otherwise been thrown away, reducing waste, and creating something beautiful and festive.

Painting and Decorating Your Cardboard Ornaments

After cutting out your shapes, it's time to move on to the fun part: painting and decorating your cardboard ornaments. This step is where ornament personalization truly comes into play. You can decide what color schemes to use, whether that's traditional reds and greens, icy blues and silvers, or your own unique palette. Maybe you're aiming for a rustic look? Try earthy browns and golds.

Use acrylic paints for vibrant, lasting color. Don't forget to think about patterns too: stripes, polka dots, or even a festive scene. Once the paint is dry, add sparkle with glitter, or texture with ribbons or fabric scraps. Remember, it's all about expressing your creativity and making your ornaments distinctly yours.

Tips for Creating Glittery Cardboard Ornaments

Before diving into the world of glitter, you'll need to get your hands on some basic supplies, and make sure you're working in an area that's easy to clean up. When it comes to recycled cardboard usage, old boxes are perfect for this craft. Cut them into any shape you fancy, and get ready for the fun part - glitter application techniques!

Firstly, you'll want to apply a thin layer of glue to your cardboard ornament. Sprinkle glitter over the top while the glue is still wet. To ensure coverage, lightly press the glitter into the glue with your fingertips. Shake off any excess glitter, and voila! A dazzling ornament.

Crafting 3D Cardboard Ornaments

Let's kick things up a notch by crafting 3D cardboard ornaments that'll really make your holiday decorations pop. The cardboard durability is ideal for these crafts, as it holds its shape well.

Start by repurposing cardboard from old boxes or packaging. Cut out two identical shapes, whether they're stars, trees, or snowflakes. Then, cut a slit halfway up one shape and halfway down the other.

Slide the two pieces together to create a 3D ornament. To finish, add some color or glitter, and attach a string for hanging.

Making Cardboard Ornaments With Kids

When making cardboard ornaments with kids, the first step is to select safe, kid-friendly materials. Consider simple yet eye-catching designs that can be easily handled by little fingers.

Always remember, it's crucial to supervise their creative process to ensure fun and safety go hand in hand.

Choosing Safe Materials

Although you're eager to start creating your DIY cardboard ornaments with your kids, it's crucial to ensure that all materials used are safe and child-friendly.

Begin by choosing recycled materials. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they're also readily available.

Use non-toxic glue or adhesive tapes for sticking pieces together. They're safe for kids and work well with cardboard.

Opt for water-based, non-toxic paint to add colors. It's safe for kids and the environment.

For sparkle, use biodegradable glitter. It's a safer alternative to regular glitter.

Lastly, use blunt scissors or supervise your kids when they're cutting cardboard. Remember, safety comes first.

With these tips, you're all set to make eco-friendly crafts with your little ones.

Easy Ornament Designs

You're ready to dive into making easy ornament designs with your kids, and using cardboard for these crafty creations can be both fun and sustainable.

Start by collecting old cardboard boxes. This recycled cardboard art project is a great way to teach your children about sustainability while making holiday decorations.

Cut the cardboard into shapes of Christmas trees, stars, or snowflakes. Let the kids paint them with eco-friendly colors and sprinkle some glitter for a festive touch.

Attach a piece of string or ribbon at the top for hanging. Voila! Your sustainable holiday decorations are ready to adorn your tree.

You'll love the end result, and your kids will enjoy the process. It's a win-win for everyone!

Supervising Kids' Creativity

As you guide your kids in crafting these DIY cardboard ornaments, it's important to supervise their creativity, but remember to let their imagination run wild too. Child supervision techniques don't always mean hovering over their every move. It's about creating a safe, inspiring space for their ideas to flourish.

Encourage them to sketch their designs first, this helps you foresee any potential safety issues while also boosting their confidence.

Encouraging creativity isn't just about the final product, but the journey. Ask open-ended questions about their designs, like 'why did you choose that color?' or 'what does your ornament represent?' This makes them think deeper and adds more meaning to their creation.

Creative Ideas for Themed Cardboard Ornaments

Let's dive into some creative ideas for themed cardboard ornaments that you can easily make at home. Not only does this fun project highlight cardboard sustainability, it also allows for ornament personalization, making each piece unique.

Try making a rustic Christmas tree from strips of cardboard. Paint them green and add tiny decorations for a festive touch. Or, how about crafting adorable animal-shaped ornaments for a wildlife-themed tree? You can even fashion a miniature cityscape or a set of your favorite book characters. The possibilities are endless!

How to Preserve and Store Your Cardboard Ornaments

Once you've created your stunning cardboard ornaments, it's vital to keep them in tip-top condition for seasons to come.

Let's explore how you can properly store these treasures while keeping them free from damage.

We'll also share some tried-and-true preservation techniques to ensure their longevity.

Proper Ornament Storage

You'll want to ensure your handmade cardboard ornaments' longevity by learning the proper methods of storage and preservation. A climate-controlled storage area is key to avoiding the damaging effects of humidity. Extreme moisture can cause your ornaments to warp and discolor.

Consider keeping them in a storage unit where temperatures and humidity levels are consistently maintained. If that's not an option, a cool, dry place in your home can also work. Wrap each ornament individually in acid-free tissue paper to avoid scratches and color fading. Then, place them in a sturdy cardboard box, ensuring they're not crammed in too tightly.

Preservation Techniques

All of these precious cardboard ornaments need specific preservation techniques to maintain their charm and durability for several holiday seasons. It's crucial to control humidity, as cardboard is quite susceptible to moisture. Consider storing your ornaments in a cool, dry place to prevent humidity buildup.

Mold prevention is another important aspect to keep in mind. You can do this by ensuring your ornaments are completely dry before storing them. If they've been out in humid conditions, let them air dry in a well-ventilated space before packing them away.

Moreover, you might want to consider wrapping each ornament in acid-free tissue paper for added protection. This way, you'll ensure your handmade treasures stay as beautiful as the day you created them, ready for many more festive seasons to come.

Avoiding Cardboard Damage

To avoid any damage, there are a few steps you'll need to follow when preserving and storing your DIY cardboard ornaments.

First, consider cardboard waterproofing. This involves coating your ornaments with a waterproof spray or sealant, which adds a layer of protection against moisture, a common cause of cardboard deterioration.

For damage repair, don't fret if your ornaments get a slight tear or dent. Simply use a bit of craft glue to mend any breaks. If the cardboard is warped, a heavy book can be used to flatten it out again.

When storing, place your ornaments in a sturdy box and keep in a dry, cool area. Avoid stacking anything heavy on top to prevent crushing.

Following these steps will ensure your cardboard ornaments stay as charming as the day you created them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Safety Precautions to Consider While Creating DIY Cardboard Ornaments?

When working on hands-on projects, it's essential to supervise kids closely. You've got to ensure they're using tools appropriately. Be cautious with scissors and glue, as misuse could lead to accidents.

Can I Use Recycled Cardboard to Make These Ornaments?

Absolutely! You can use recycled cardboard for your project. It's not only an economical cardboard sourcing option, but it also adds a touch of creativity in recycling. Just ensure it's clean and sturdy enough.

How Long Will These Cardboard Ornaments Last?

Just like a well-loved book, your ornaments' durability depends on care. If you store them properly in dry conditions, they'll last for many festive seasons. Remember, cardboard isn't forever, but it can surprise you!

Are There Any Alternatives to Painting for Decorating These Ornaments?

Absolutely! Instead of painting, you can explore glitter embellishment or decoupage techniques. You'll add texture and sparkle with glitter or create unique designs using cutouts with decoupage. It's a fun, creative alternative!

Can These Cardboard Ornaments Be Made Waterproof?

Yes, you can make them waterproof. Utilize waterproofing techniques like applying a sealant or varnish. Material choices also matter; pick cardboard that's already water-resistant or cover it in a waterproof layer.


Crafting cardboard ornaments is like staging your own personal holiday magic show, transforming ordinary materials into festive decor. Remember, there's no limit to your creativity.

These DIY ornaments won't only adorn your tree beautifully but also fill your home with a unique charm. Preserve them with care, and they'll sparkle year after year.

So, let your imagination fly and create your very own cardboard wonders this holiday season!