Your Ultimate Guide: How to Figure Out the Perfect Grill Cover Size

Your Ultimate Guide: How to Figure Out the Perfect Grill Cover Size

Did you know 70% of grill owners don't have the right size cover? You're not alone if you're unsure what size grill cover you need.

We'll guide you through measuring your grill, why it's crucial to have the correct cover size, and how to care for it.

Let's ensure your grill stays protected and lasts longer.

Key Takeaways

  • Measure the dimensions of your grill, including height, width, and depth, taking into account any side tables or extensions.
  • Round up to the nearest inch for a better fit and don't forget to include side burners or shelves in your measurements.
  • Getting the correct size grill cover ensures protection from the elements and acts as insurance for your grill.
  • Custom-made covers provide an excellent fit tailored to your grill's measurements, and you can choose the cover material that suits your needs and preferences.

Understanding Different Grill Sizes

You'll need to understand different grill sizes before you can pick the right grill cover. Grill sizes vary, and it's essential to get one that's a perfect fit for your grill. Whether you've got a small portable, a standard kettle, or a massive six-burner, there's a cover out there just for you.

First off, you'll want to measure your grill. Get the dimensions: height, width, and depth. Don't forget to include any side tables or extensions in your measurements! You're not just looking for a cover; you're looking for a perfect fit.

Next, there are different types of grills. You've got your gas grills, your charcoal grills, your pellet grills, and even your smoker grills. Each grill has its unique shape and size, and you need to take this into account when choosing your cover.

Importance of Correct Grill Cover Size

Getting the right fit is essential because it ensures your barbecue's protection from the elements. You wouldn't want your precious grill to suffer from the harsh weather, would you? Having the correct grill cover size is like having the right insurance for your outdoor cooking adventures. It's not just about protection—it's about belonging to a community of grill enthusiasts who value their equipment.

Here are four emotional reasons why choosing the right size grill cover matters:

  1. Pride: A well-fitted cover showcases your grill, making it a point of pride in your backyard.

  2. Comfort: Knowing your grill is protected, you'll sleep better even on stormy nights.

  3. Belonging: Owning a correctly sized cover signals you're part of the grilling community, respecting and caring for your tools.

  4. Joy: Unveiling a clean, well-maintained grill before a barbecue brings pure joy.

When you're choosing a grill cover, remember these feelings. You're not just buying a cover, you're investing in peace of mind, pride, belonging, and joy. The right fit isn't just practical—it's personal.

Guide to Measuring Your Grill for a Cover

Let's dive into how to take accurate measurements of your barbecue to ensure a perfect fit for your protective gear.

First, you'll need a tape measure. Start by measuring the width. Simply extend your tape measure from one side of the grill to the other at the widest point. Write down that number.

Next, measure the depth. This is the distance from the front of the grill to the back. Again, write this down.

Now, measure the height. Start at the highest point of the grill and measure down to the ground.

Don't forget about any side burners or shelves; they need protection too. If they can't fold down, include their measurements in your total.

Finally, always round up to the nearest inch. You don't want your cover to be too tight; it's better to have a little extra room for maneuvering.

Options for Custom Grill Covers

After you've taken all the necessary measurements, it's time to explore various options for custom barbecue protectors. The right cover not only safeguards your grill but also extends its longevity.

Now, you're part of an exclusive club of grill enthusiasts who understand the importance of a well-protected barbecue.

Here are your options:

  1. Canvas Covers: Durable and water-resistant, canvas covers are perfect if you're after durability. They're a bit pricier, but you'll feel a sense of satisfaction knowing your grill has robust protection.

  2. Vinyl Covers: These are waterproof and easy to clean. They're lighter on the pocket, and you'll feel the joy of a good bargain.

  3. Polyester Covers: If you're in a harsher climate, these offer superior protection against UV rays and harsh weather. You'll feel a sense of relief knowing your grill can withstand the elements.

  4. Custom-made Covers: For the ultimate sense of belonging, opt for a custom-made cover. They're tailored to your grill's measurements, providing an excellent fit. You'll feel a sense of pride every time you see your grill snugly protected.

Tips to Maintain and Care for Your Grill Cover

You've got to keep in mind that proper maintenance and care can significantly extend the life of your barbecue protector. It's not just about getting the right size, but also about how you look after it. So, here are some practical tips for you.

Firstly, always make sure your grill is clean and dry before you cover it. This helps to prevent mildew and rust. When you're ready to use your grill, don't just throw the cover on the ground. Fold it neatly and store it in a dry place. This simple action can prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Secondly, if your cover gets dirty, it's okay to clean it. Use mild soap, warm water, and a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners as these can damage the material.

Lastly, regularly inspect your cover for any tears or holes. If you spot any, repair them immediately. This prevents the damage from getting worse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Materials Are Best for a Grill Cover?

You'll want a grill cover made of durable materials like polyester or vinyl. These resist weather damage better. Also, look for covers that are UV resistant and have a waterproof lining. They'll last you the longest.

You're on the right track, seeking out the best grill cover brands. Weber, Classic Accessories, and Kingkong are top-tier, offering durable, high-quality covers. They're like a knight's armor, protecting your grill from harsh weather.

How Often Should I Replace My Grill Cover?

You should replace your grill cover when it's worn or damaged. Often, it'll last about 2-3 years, but that depends on the weather conditions and how well you're caring for it.

Can I Use a Grill Cover on a Hot Grill?

No, you shouldn't place a grill cover on a hot grill. It could cause damage to the cover or even start a fire. Always let the grill cool completely before covering it. Safety first, always!

What's the Best Way to Clean a Grill Cover?

You'll need to know the best way to clean your grill cover. Use a mild soap solution, scrub gently with a soft brush, rinse thoroughly, and air dry. It's crucial for maintaining your cover's durability.


So, are you ready to measure your grill and find the perfect cover?

Remember, it's crucial to get the right size for protection against the elements.

Whether you opt for a custom cover or a standard one, proper care will prolong its lifespan.

The suspense is over, now it's time to get into action and provide your grill the protection it deserves!