About us

F&J Outdoors

F&J stands for Fun and Joy!

We've been in this market for 4 years, our goal is to provide the best furniture cover at best price for the market. We have new release every year based on the market requests. 

Our outdoor furniture covers, grill covers are designed for easy use, and made with high quality environment friendly materials for long durability. 

Many people think that we are just a reseller who takes goods from China and sells them in the United States, but in fact we partner with our dedicated manufacturer who adheres well to our high standards on product core features and quality.

We are actually manufacturer and supplier.

Many people think that we are just selling covers, but in our eyes, we feel more like selling peace of mind, and security.

"Cover" is like the bodyguard of furniture, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, protecting furniture from the weather element of nature in the safest and most practical way.

And sometimes we feel that the world is a little bit different because of our existence.

We love our work very much, and we hope to devote more time and energy to developing more products to help our customer in the future.

Your satisfaction is our motivation!

Enjoy the fun and joy from nature and our covers!

Level up your protection, choosing F&J Outdoors is choosing rest assured.

Free Outdoor Furniture Covers Activity

1. Go to our Youtube channel and share one of the videos to any of following social media platform: Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. You can share up to 5 different videos on each social media platform. You can use "screen recording" function to share the video.

2. Once you receive 100 "Likes" of that single video post, you are qualified to recive a free outdoor furniture cover with any shape and any size from our Amazon Store. "Fake Likes" are not allowed.

3. Contact us at email below once you received 100 "Likes", send us a screenshot for the redeem.

4. Email: info@fj-outdoors.com

5. Activity area included: United States, United Kingdom, Germany.

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