Q1: What are the essentials for a good outdoor cover?

A good outdoor cover should be made of durable, waterproof, UV-resistant, colorfast material, that fits your items well and matches your style. It should also be easy to wash and store. For water, sun and wear protection, choose F&J covers. They fit well, look great, and last longer than others.


Q2: Is F&J cover waterproof or water resistant?

F&J's covers have a waterproof rating. The waterproof feature is achieved through an outer water-resistant coating on the fabric, an inner waterproof coating, and heat-sealed seams with inner tape. The F&J cover is waterproof up to 1500-2000mmH2O which is higher than the standard for outdoor use, as tested by hydrostatic head test. This test shows how much water pressure a fabric can withstand before it lets water through. However, please note that in extremely severe storms or under extremely high pressure, it may not guarantee complete waterproof protection.


Q3: Is the cover the heavier the better?

You might think that a heavier cover is better, but that's not true. The weight of the cover depends on the fabric and the coating. There are two common types of coating: PVC and PU. PVC is heavier, but it breaks down quickly and harms the environment. PU is lighter, but it lasts longer and is eco-friendly. It also costs more than PVC. F&J new covers use PU coating. They are heavy duty, but not heavy in weight.


Q4: What's new for F&J outdoor covers?

F&J 2023 edition covers offer many benefits. They have a high strength fabric with a plaid weaving pattern that adds style and elegance to the cover and a PU coating that makes the cover medium weight, easy to handle and store, but also more durable and longer lasting than other covers. They also include a 3-year warranty and a handy storage bag.

Q5: Can F&J cover be customized?

Yes, we can tailor covers to your specific needs. If you have any special requests that are not in our product list, please contact us and we will make covers for your outdoor furniture.


Q6: Does 600D oxford cover mean heavy duty?

600D oxford covers don't live up to their heavy duty name. Denier (D) indicates fiber weight and thickness. Higher numbers mean thicker and heavier threads. But fabric strength also hinges on thread material and formula. For outdoor covers, coating and weaving pattern determine durability and strength too. F&J covers feature high tenacity thread in plaid pattern with PU coating, which makes them more durable.


Q7: Will F&J outdoor covers fade?

F&J covers are fade-resistant because they use solution dyed thread. This means that the thread is dyed before it is woven into fabric, so the color penetrates the core and the surface of the thread. Other fabrics are dyed after they are woven, so the color only covers the surface. Solution dyed thread ensures that F&J covers retain their color for a long time.


Helpful Tips

Tips 1: Clean your furniture, make it dry and wrap up the sharp edges of your furniture.

Tips 2: Put objects (cushions, airbags, package box, etc.) under the cover to provide lift. This prevents ponding and allows water to roll off the cover.

Tips 3: Keep away from fire.

Tips 4: Hand wash with soapy water and air dry before storing when not in use.